I am the luckiest Dom alive.  I have what I consider to be the perfect girl (see any of My girl’s posts).  We have a lot in common- she loves pain, I love to give it; she loves to please her Master, I love to receive it; she will do anything I demand or ask, I love to demand and ask her things.  You get the picture.  The only drawback so far is that we live 2500 miles apart.  We have been together for almost 7 years and each day we seem to get closer emotionally but seemingly farther in distance.  Next year she will be moving in with Me and it can’t come soon enough.  I will be able to start her training in person, which will be much better than long distance.  ami is a very good submissive woman and we will continue to grow in our D/s relationship.  There is not another woman I would rather have kneeling at My feet. 

There are times when she tells Me she needs something, and I gently remind her (at least in My mind it’s gentle) that I am the one who makes decisions.  she will then tell Me that she wasn’t demanding anything, she was only giving me options that maybe I hadn’t thought of.  She is pretty quick to turn things back on Me, but always respectfully.

ami loves Twitter. She has a fair number of followers, but I do not.  I guess you need to tweet to get followers.  she has always been very social and keeps trying to get me more involved in social networking.  You never know, she may succeed in that endeavor.  Until a couple of days ago my last tweet was 2 years ago.  My how time flies!  It took quite a bit of focus for Me to write this because I am a private person, but when I feel so strongly about the subject it isn’t too hard at all.  This is one small way that I can show her how much she means to this old Dom.

ami loves how romantic I am.  One of the first things I said to her prior to her collaring was something about grabbing her throat and doing rough, nasty things to her.  she calls that “wooing her”.  I guess I’m a hopeless romantic.

Thank you for putting up with My ramblings.  My girl writes much more erotic things, using words like cock, cum, pussy, etc.  Of course, I am much more refined than that and wouldn’t think of it.  Please read My girl’s posts when she fires up the blogging machine, you won’t be disappointed.

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