Four More Weeks (Pt. 2)

My girl sent Me a long text last week asking that we move her flight back 2 weeks because she felt overwhelmed to get things ready to go by moving day (Sept. 17).  She was worried that I would be upset or would be disappointed with her for making this request.  At first, I was a little peeved, but after reflecting on My feelings I realized I was more worried about money than I was for her feelings and comfort.

You see, I have the easy part.  she is doing everything for this move, and I am doing almost nothing.  I am not going over to help her (for reasons of our own that are too personal and complicated to discuss).  All I have to do is wait for her and the pups to arrive at the airport to take them to their new home.  The tough part is all hers.

ami is moving from New York to Seattle, a distance of around 2500 miles.  she has spent her whole life in New York, and the culture shock of moving to the west coast will be extreme.  It will be a good kind of extreme, but still quite a shock.  We are both excited for the move, and the extra 2 weeks only makes it a little more frustrating.  However, in the grand scheme of things, 2 more weeks is just a drop in the bucket.

After My initial reaction to her request, I began to realize how unreasonable and selfish My feelings were.  Due to the above reasons, she has every right to ask for more time, whether it be 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or longer.  I am her Master, but in My mind telling her that we wouldn’t be changing her flight would have been bad judgement and would have put her under even more pressure than she is already under.  No, 2 more weeks is a small price to pay.  However, we won’t be making any more extensions short of an emergency.

To sum up, I am very excited to start the new chapter in our lives.  I want ami to be as comfortable and stress free as possible, and I will do anything I can to minimize that stress.  We are both very excited for her to be here, and I need her healthy so she can take care of her Master in the manner that He will soon be accustomed 😊.

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