Four More Weeks

In under 4 weeks My girl amira will be moving across the country to the West Coast to live with Me. I can’t even imagine the culture shock she will feel, but I know it will be much better for her for a few reasons. First and foremost, she will be at My feet. Second, we will have the rest of our lives to explore the things we haven’t done up till now. And third, well……… nothing else really matters.

I realize there will be many adjustments for both of us. We’ve been together nearly 9 years but other than a few amazing visits haven’t spent any length of time together. I have lived by Myself for 10 years, so I will have to learn to compromise on a number of things that I have not had to worry about. I realize I am her Master, but even I realize the need to bend occasionally. As for ami, just the differences between the East Coast and West Coast will boggle her mind, but I know she will love Seattle and all the things to do here.

She brings with her a couple of very cute Yorkys, which I of course will have a very tough time getting used to. I can feel My girl rolling her eyes right now and thinking how spoiled these pups will be. I look forward to the walks the four of us will be taking most days, and the exercise will be good for all of us.

I will also be continuing ami’s training and finally it will be physical training as well as mental. I have over ½ of her training plan complete and it will be quite an experience for both of us. I think she is a little nervous and scared, but also excited to finally reach this point. In My mind, it’s important to start the training as soon as she gets here to better understand My expectations and get her conditioned to be able to perform them flawlessly.

This is just the first of many posts on this new chapter of our M/s experience. I hope you look forward to reading them as much as I do of writing them.


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