Good morning

There is absolutely nothing like waking up to the love of your life.
You know when your eyes slowly open to the morning light and you look over and there He is sleeping so peacefully or maybe He was just watching you sleep?
Well that’s not where I’m going with this story so let’s get back on track.

My devious mind reminisces on a morning past when I woke up beside Him and the desire to have Him in my mouth was overwhelming. On this particular morning there was nothing that I wanted more than  to taste His warm hard cock in my mouth.
I slowly moved closer to him, pulling away at the sheets before my hand reached down between His legs. I gently kiss his chest licking between kisses down to his stomach.
I heard him release a soft groan as my hand began to stroke His cock. I’m in love with His cock. I love taking it into my mouth and sucking Him as He becomes harder and harder for me. I pulled my hand away for a moment to suck on the tip of one of my fingers and gently rubbed His tip, He moaned and I kept stroking Him. I kissed more, further down, long kisses enjoying the taste of His body until my mouth reached His cock.
In the cool morning air I wanted Him to feel the warmth of my mouth and I wanted Him deep in my throat. I kissed the tip of His cock, I swirled my tongue and loved His cock as His fingers became entwined in my hair. I sucked on Him between strokes and I wanted Him. I started to stroke Him faster, the rhythm between my stroking and sucking made His cock swell in my mouth and my cunt ached for Him… no, His cunt for I am His. I needed His cum and took His cock in deep strokes into my mouth. With every stroke He moaned and I knew He would give it to me soon. I stroked His cock harder and faster, each time I pulled Him out of my mouth I sucked on the head until He took total control.
I looked up at Him and He said, “I love my slut”, as He wrapped my hair in His hands and pushed my head down hard. I nearly choked when He let me up for a moment then slammed it back into my throat. Fuck! I could barely catch my breath between the slams but I loved it and I was going to cum. Fuck I was going to cum and He felt it. He knew it and as I struggled to keep myself from cumming He slammed into me again and demanded, “Cum hard for me slut!” and my body obeyed, as it always does and as I took His cock over and over in my mouth I came. My body was shaking and I couldn’t stop as He used me, He used my mouth. I kept cumming and I felt His body tense. He was going to cum for me and I would cum over and over. “Fuuuuuuuuck!”, he growled and came in my mouth. He pumped His cock hard into me several more times and His thick, warm cum filled me. With each slam I felt the cum drip from the sides of my mouth until He was done.
My heart was racing and He pulled me up to His chest. My mouth filled with His cum and my lips wet with Him. I looked into His eyes and smiled before He gave me permission to swallow. “Good morning baby”, He said as He caught His breath, “my girl was thirsty this morning”.
I smiled and rested my head back on His chest nodding as I whispered, “yes Master”.

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