His good girl

He walks in and I instinctually kneel at His feet. I look up to see His face because His approval means everything to me. He smiles and caresses my cheek, stroking my face as He tells me that He loves me. You would think that after all this time together it wouldn’t effect me this way but it does. I feel my heart flutter and I feel so warm inside. I’m His girl and He loves me. The way His eyes gaze over me tells me that I am all His.
I love to see Him and be with Him and I can’t help but smile to be here… my home, at His feet. He runs His fingertips across my lips and smiles before slowly pushing a finger into my mouth. I gently suck on it, His subtle groan approving as He pushes a second finger into my mouth. His breath hastens and He starts to push His fingers in and out of my mouth and I can feel the warmth between my thighs. I squeeze my legs together, trying to control myself but He slides His foot between them and opens them again. He pushes the front of His shoe up against my pussy and I look up at Him, “Is that pussy needy, My girl?”, He asks as I moan softly. I nod my head and mumble “mhmm” between sucking and licking on His fingers.
He pulls His fingers out of my mouth and wipes them on the side of my face, the way that He has done with His cum several times before.
I wanted to taste Him but I knew that He intended on making me wait and so I held back for a moment before whispering, “Master, may I…?”, as I reach for His belt but He firmly grabbed my hand and says no. I sit back on my heels and considered if
I should beg but before I could get the words out He reached for my hand and pulled me to my feet.
He’s taller than me and I love it. Being in front of Him makes me feel so loved and so safe. He pulls me close and I tell Him that I love Him. He tells me that He loves me and presses His lips to mine. His tongue in my mouth and mine in His and I am in love a thousand times over. I suck on His tongue and lick at His lips and I breathe Him into me.
We are so close and I want more. I want to ask but I stop myself over and over. I feel His hand slip under my shirt and He cups my breasts. He gently squeezed them and I can feel Him reach behind me and unclasp my bra. He’s hungry for me, His movements quicken and He pulls off my bra and tosses it to the floor. His hands are back on my breasts and He squeezes them and works His way to my nipples. He rubs them and pinches them and I can’t help but whimper. He loves giving me pain and I love receiving it. He pinches them again and I bury my head in His chest, biting my lip, “Master…”. He pushes me back and leans down. He kisses my neck, I caress His back, He grabs my breast and laps at it with His tongue.
I wonder if He knows that I slip into His kisses like a dream and lose myself in His touch. My mind is wandering. He knows every part of my body and He touches every inch of me that makes the heat rise within me. Please take me. Please.
He takes another step toward me and with it I take a step back, another step and I can feel the bed behind me. He pushes me back and I am on the bed. I pull the covers closer to me and He pulls them away, “You’re Mine girl, all of You. You will not hide anything from me. You belong to me.” My heart races. I love Him, I am completely and totally His.
He leans down and kisses up my legs and I nervously bring my legs together to which I receive a quick slap on my thighs, “this is all Mine girl” and I spread my legs for Him, “yes Master” I whisper. God! I want to feel His tongue.
His warm breath on my skin was driving me insane. He licked up my thighs and stopped just before licking up to my pussy. I looked down to Him, my eyes begged but my mouth, my mouth didn’t utter a word. He leaned in and spread me open, His mouth was so close, I could feel it. He looked at me and I told Him that I love Him so much and He licked up and down my wet slit. My eyes closed and I rested back on the bed and gave in. His tongue delved deeper, He buried His face between my thighs and He licked up to my swollen little clit. I gripped the sheets behind me as He sucked it into His mouth. His tongue teased and swirled around it and sucked it then He licked some more. His tongue would slide down and into me then back up to me. He made love to me with His tongue until I lost time and I screamed out for Him then He fucked me with His tongue until I couldn’t resist but wrap my fingers in His hair and push Him deeper. He pulled my hands away and pinned them at my sides while His tongue slid in and out of me, up and down, I bit down into my bottom lip until it hurt. He started to use His fingers, between licking and tongue fucking me He would rub my clit and finger me until I begged for Him to let me cum. I was losing control and was on the edge of madness, “Pleeeease Master! God! Please”, I cried. He wouldn’t let me cum until I asked and I couldn’t get the words out. I felt my body quivering, “Fuck! Please Master… please! May… may Your cunt please… please… may Your cunt please cum?!”. The words a final plea because I couldn’t hold back any longer. He took a moment and then delved His tongue harder and deepest into me and said “Now girl! Cum hard for me now!”, I couldn’t hold back any longer and He fucked me and demanded that my body cum for Him and it did. He demanded the I submit all that I am to Him and I did, over and over in waves until my body completely relaxed and I lay catching my breath. He stood up over me and rubbed His fingers gently over my sensitive clit before leaning in to kiss me. His mouth and face wet with my warm, sweet taste and I licked at His lips and sucked on His lips. He climbed onto the bed and pulled me close to Him, “Good girl”, was all I remember hearing before falling asleep in His arms.

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