How many…

Tonight I lay on my bed, my head resting back against the pillows and I close my eyes. 

I extend my left arm beside me and feel that empty part of my bed and i sigh. It is cool to the touch, bare and while the covers are all on my side of the bed… that side is cold.

I miss You. I take a deep breath and I can feel Your warmth surround me. How many more sleeps until I reach and touch Your skin again? 

I turn and pull a pillow close to my chest, another deep breath and there You are again. I can smell You. I nestle my face into the pillow and You are there. You caress my cheek and I am love. I pull another pillow between my thighs and with another deep breath You are there. Your warmth between my thighs and Your fingers on my face and we are love. 

How many more sleeps my love? How many more sleeps? 

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