The warm sun peeked it’s light through the window shade and her eyes started to open.
She stretched her warm body across the couch like a cat just woken from a nap and as her vision adjusted to the light she could hear sounds coming from the kitchen.
“Master, is that You?”, she said, mid-yawn. “Yes girl, I’m in the kitchen”, he replied.
She knew that she should be up and that Master would not allow her to sleep in for much longer but she was enjoying this bit of laziness and snuggled back under her blanket, closing her eyes again.
She wasn’t asleep but merely enjoying a day free from work and the stresses and drama from her job. She was surprised that He had not woken her already but was not complaining about it either.

“Mmmm, what’s that smell Master?”, she purred as she inhaled the delicious scents that filled the air.
“Is My slut hungry?”, He replied. “Yes my Master, and something smells delicious”, she said as she licked her lips.

Before she could even start to imagine what yumminess her Master had concocted, she could hear her Master walking towards her.
He stood before her and smiled, stroking her cheek and lifting her gaze to His. He leaned in and kissed her.
“Stand up My slut”, He said. Without a second thought she was on her feet. He kissed her again but this time He pressed His body against hers and she could feel the bulging cock in His jeans pressed up against her.
With a swift motion He turned her around and pushed her over the couch. He leaned His body against hers and whispered in her ear, “I’m hungry too”.
She smiled to herself as He pushed up her shirt and she lifted her arms as He pulled it over her head. His strong hands hungrily touched her body and He grabbed her hips, He kissed her neck and licked her up to her earlobes.
He stood up and caressed her ass. What was He going to do?
She could hear His belt coming undone, He unbuttoned His pants and she heard the zipper come down.
She couldn’t help but perk her ass up to Him but she instantly recognized her mistake. He slapped her ass hard for it. “Demanding slut aren’t You?”, He said and she could imagine the grin on His face as He watched His mark rise on her skin. The heat immediately rose to her cheeks and her ass as well (no pun intended).
She lowered her head and apologized for being so greedy, she knows better but her body betrayed her.
He asked again, this time demanding an answer. “I didn’t ask for an apology, I asked you a question”, “y-yes Master, i suppose i seemed demanding but i didn’t…”, she didn’t get to finish before He pushed her naked body hard against the worn couch and thrust His cock into her.
He was so hard and slammed into her with such command that she nearly lost her breath. He placed a hand on the back of her neck and the other on her side and she cried out for Him.
He stroked in and out of her wet, aching cunt. He reached in front of her and with two fingers He spread her wet lips open and felt for her clit. The sweet little rosebud yearned for Him to rub and push and pull at it but He wouldn’t. For Him to flick and tease and pinch it but He wouldn’t.
He kept fucking His girl, using her for His pleasure. This was not for her. None of this was for her.
If He touched her clit or felt her on the edge of cumming, He would stop.
She would struggle to keep from begging but the whimpers were forced from the deep needs that he ignited into her. When she couldn’t take it and she cried again He would  slam into her hard. “You won’t cum girl, do you hear Me?”. “uh-mm,  mmmm yes my Master”, she replied but she doubted herself. She knew that no matter how much she tried to control her body, He could push her over and He knew exactly what He was doing.
His cock was so deep and she loved it. She ached as His hips slammed against her, His balls full and she could envision them deliciously tightening. She wanted His cum and more pain. He had taught her to give in, to love the pain, she floated in it when He used and hurt her. She loved it.
His grip tightened, He pulled her hair back toward Him and she could hear His desire, His need, with each breath.
Yes, He hungered, He wanted and desired, He loved her and claimed her with every slam, every stroke, every breath that He squeezed from her throat.
She loved Him and gave herself to Him completely.
“Fuck!”, He groaned. He released His hold on her and grabbed her breasts. He was rough and it hurt. He squeezed her nipples and slapped her tits hard. “Please Master!”, she cried. He covered her mouth, He twisted and pulled on her nipples and the pain was intense but she reveled in it.
Harder, faster, rougher, she wanted and needed to cum and to feel and taste Him. “Please, God! Master!”, she muffled through His grip.
“Yes slut, yes!”, He said as He pulled His cock from her swollen and needy pussy and pushed her hard onto her knees. She didn’t even have a moment before He grabbed her by the throat and pushed His cock past into her mouth.
In her head she begged for Him to touch her, to make her cum but this was not for her. Not yet.
His cock slammed into her mouth. She couldn’t savor His taste but she loved when He fucked her throat.
“Beg me, slut!”, He said. With her mouth full of cock and His hand gripping her throat, she struggled. “Does my cunt have something to ask?”. She tried again and He pushed His cock deeper into her throat. “Is My slut hungry? Does My slut need her Masters cum?”.
Her clit throbbed, her nipples were aching to be abused, her body writhed and cried for something… anything. She was swimming in her own ecstasy, her own want, need. She was wet and she squeezed her thighs together as she tried to control it. She closed her eyes tight, He gagged her with His cock repeatedly then pulled it out. She took a breath and opened her eyes looking up to Him. “Tell me, My slut. What do You need?”, He said. His cock in His hands, stroking it as she watched hungrily. The glistening precum along with her saliva and her bruised lips parted as she begged Him, “Feed me Master, please”.
She opened her mouth, her tongue sticking out, waiting with anticipation.
He grabbed a handful of her hair and tilted her head back. The hold on His cock was tight and He stroked it hard and began to cum. He came all over her face, He wouldn’t give in to her wants. He came on her hair, her cheeks and her lips and she wanted more. He came on her eyes and threw His head back as His whole body tensed up. He released a deep breath and stood close to her.
He wiped the cum from her face with His cock and pushed it into her mouth, “there you go My girl”, He whispered as He caught His breath. “Good girl… that’s my slut”, He said. His cock stroking in and out. Slow and long strokes, she savored it, she loved it. He grabbed hold of her hair and controlled each lovely lick and suck. He slid His cock over the cum on her chin and pushed it back into her mouth again.
He knew how to push her to the brink and back over and over but she couldn’t take it anymore.
He thrust His cock in her mouth again and pumped it into her throat a few more times and her body tensed. Her body shook and she held His hips, “oh God! More, yes! Yes!”, her body screamed, she felt the release and He had given it to her. She fell back onto the carpet in a hot, sweaty mess…. Unable to think, barely able to catch her breath. His cum still wet on her lips and face. Bliss.
“Are you still hungry girl?”, He chuckled. She could barely process what He said. She looked up to Him again, standing over her. He smiled and lay down next to her, pulling her close.  She nuzzled her face to His chest and He leaned in and kissed her.

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