“I love You”

I, love and You. Three little words.

They are just three little words yet the weight of those words can be immeasurable.  I say “I love You” to Him all the time. I can’t even take a guess at how many times a day. I don’t say it because of any particular situation or in response to something He says or does. I just say it.  

I say it when we are quietly watching a movie and I feel the ache in my heart to be close to Him. I say it when I kneel at His feet at the Munch and I am reminded of what an amazing Master and Man He is to and for me. I say it when I feel it and I feel it all of the time.  

When people say that they feel as if their heart could burst because it’s filled with so much love, I get that. It sounds silly, I know, but to feel so full of love for someone that when you think of that love it makes you a little breathless… that is what THIS love is.  

I am far from perfect and sometimes I even question whether I am deserving of such love but His love assures me that I am.  Two people who met the way that we did, who had to wait for each other until the right time and then to wait almost 9 years to finally live together… I am deserving of THIS love. WE are deserving of THIS love and I will love Him with all that I am forever and always.

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