I’ll stand by You

My Master is going through some personal family issues, which are not mine to share, but being apart while He goes through this is so hard.

He is such a strong person, He maintains the balance in O/our world but He is human. Besides being my Master, He is the love of my life and there is something inside of me that wishes I could shield Him from every pain… every sadness but I can’t.

Delaying my trip to be with Him was the right thing to do in order to ensure that my kids and all of the last minute details were tended to appropriately but… not being by His side right now breaks my heart.

My Master is this amazing, selfless, loving person. He is my everything and I want to give Him my all including a warm hug when He needs it, a shoulder to lean on when everything just seems to be too much.

Life is so precious, so delicate. We really must cherish love, support each other, say “I love You” when we feel it and hug one another just because.

I promise to always honor my place at His feet but will always be ready to stand by Him and support Him because even the strongest people need to know that it’s ok to lean on someone.

I love You Master… forever and always.

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