New Beginnings…

Where do I begin this post? How do I begin this post?
For the past couple of years, many years in fact, all I have wanted was to be in His arms. We have spent countless hours talking about it. How much we love and need each other and this is the next step. We never let our love and need for each other push us to rush this decision as there were many things to consider.
There are children who were still in school and not wanting to disrupt their lives with a move in the middle of it all. Medical issues that I was having that just seemed like they would never get better. We waited, and waited… then we waited a little more and now we are here.
We both decided that we have taken all of these things into consideration and with the kids off at college and my medical issues nearly completely resolved, we don’t and won’t wait anymore.
It’s exciting. I find myself saying, “I can’t wait”, more and more often. I’m in love with this Man. I wake up wanting to share it all with Him and though we are far apart (distance wise) He is the first person I speak to in the morning and the last person every night and soon I will wake up to Him and go to sleep in His arms.
How amazing is love?
I met this amazing Man nearly 10 years ago on SecondLife. Who would have thought that 10 years later I would be collared to Him, absolutely head over heels in love and about to move from NYC to Washington to finally be at His side?
Our love has endured. It has withstood growing pains, loss, heartaches, the distance between us and even some mild SecondLife drama but I’ve never doubted Him. I’ve never doubted His love for me or that He will always love me and make sure that I am safe.
So here we are… 8 years after being collared on SecondLife, 8 plus years of being His in both RL and SL… we start a new part of O/our journey.
Recognizing that we have so much more growing and learning to do, we embark on the future of this love. We have waited to be together each for so long and now is the time.
The trip won’t be easy, I have two small pups to take with me and I’ll be leaving my New York behind along with the only family that I really have but while that makes my heart ache a little, it is time and I am excited.
With my collar secured on my neck and in the arms of the love of my life we will take these next steps together and we will share them here.
The ups, the downs, highs and lows… I’m looking forward to sharing our journey and welcome your input, thoughts and ideas.

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