Oral fixation

My girl has an oral fixation.  She claims she didn’t have it before she met me, but I don’t know about that.  She is perfectly happy pleasing Me with her mouth and I believe it wouldn’t matter to her if that’s all I had her do.  As I’ve mentioned before, we live apart and will remain so until next year.  I had the pleasure of spending 3 months in New York a little over a year ago and one of my favorite memories is of my girl waking me up at 4am or so every morning with her mouth on My cock.  I love mornings, and one of My rules is that she drains My cock every morning before we go to work.  When I’m ready to cum, most of the time I let her decide where she wants it, whether it’s in her mouth or on her face.  That’s another thing…. She loves cum.  It seems she can’t get enough of it.  She is truly My cumslut.  She begs Me for My cum, and she doesn’t care where I cum, just as long as I do.  She usually cums herself when she knows I’m ready, whether I shoot it on her face, her back, her pussy, or on her beautiful tits.  Ultimately she wants it in her mouth, so I will usually feed it to her from My cock or My fingers.  She greedily laps it up.  As I said before, My cumslut.

My girl especially loves a good throat fuck.  She tends to like it rough, and who am I to disappoint?  There is nothing sexier than having her lay on her back with her head hanging off the side of the bed while I fuck her mouth standing up.  My girl can deep throat with the best of them.  She loves it when I fuck her hard this way, and when I grab her throat with both hands she usually goes over the edge.  Once again, when I am ready to cum, she usually starts to cum herself, and she patiently waits for me to finish, then dutifully cleans her Master with her tongue.  She is such a well-trained girl.

However, this all sounds a bit one sided.  I make it sound like all she does is please Me with her mouth.  That’s not quite true.  She takes care of Me with her pussy, tits and ass too.  After all, I’m only human.  But I do have a confession……I have an oral fixation for my girl’s pussy.  But that’s a story for another day.


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