I am not a writer.  I am not creative nor especially talented in any of My endeavors.  I am just a guy who is quite possibly the luckiest man on earth. I have the most incredible girl I have ever known.  And one of the many cool things about her?  she can write.  If Y/you have read her last couple of blog posts, I’m sure Y/you would agree.  she can put her emotions and thoughts on paper in such a way that there is no doubt about her submission or passion.  Every time I read something she has written I shake My head and wonder how she can do that.  I can use all sorts of big words but I just can’t put them down in any sort of cohesive order on paper.  Other than that, I am a great writer.  But I digress.  amira adored is an incredible woman with many talents and I am honored to be her Master.  That girl will do anything for Me, and she knows I will do anything for her.  I am going to spend the rest of My life with her… shhh, don’t tell her, I don’t want her to find out.  And what the heck was the subject of this rambling piece of literary excellence?  Oh well, I’ll probably remember as soon as I log off.  Anyway, stay tuned for more great stuff from My girl.


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