she stood before Him

She stood before Him, her head low as she listened to Him speak of the day and their plans for the evening and the whole while she could only think of being in His arms. She closed her arms and imagined Him pulling her to Him and she felt the warmth of His embrace. His voice faded, though she knew not to lose His voice for if He asked something later and she did not know, He might be cross. Her breaths deepened as His voice swayed in and out with the spring breeze and she drifted. Her body began to drift as her eyes closed softly, she was still in His embrace… in her mind atleast.


Before she drifted too far, she told Him that she loved Him, she said that she missed Him and needed to be closer to Him. She struggled and fought back the tears as she told Him that the distance between them… sometimes was too much to bear. Just as her breathing started to change and the tears began to pool in her eyes, she felt His touch. Firm but lovingly He pulled her close. She felt His breath, her body warmed instantly and she felt a weakness in her knees. She hadn’t even noticed she had been standing the whole time until she was forced to her knees. Her eyes widened and the metal cuffs gleamed in His hands. Her heart beat so hard in her chest that she wondered if He could hear it.


It seemed that not even a moment had passed and she was fully cuffed. Her thighs, ankles, her wrists and forearms, the tears flowed from her eyes and she looked up into His eyes. His words echoed in her ears as He told her, “You’re Mine girl”. Those words, though familiar, had never sung truer than when she knelt before Him, her collar and cuffs secure in their place as He slowly ran His fingers through her hair.


She cried and hoped that He knew that they were not tears of sadness, what were they? She knelt before Him, completely bound and they were free tears. She loved Him, she wanted nothing more than to be His and have His love, to give Him all of her and this moment… Him knowing that this was the “embrace” that she needed, that nothing made her feel more secure than to be at His feet, this moment was everything.


She wiped her tears as they flowed slowly from her eyes and she smiled to Him. He looked down at His girl and smiled such a smile that she thought she might have blushed but wasn’t sure. “I love You girl”, He whispered, and her heart soared. She knew this but… hearing Him… it was everything.


He slipped a hand into His pocket and she looked at Him curiously, though she tried not to seem overly curious. He walked around her and leaned to her, a soft kiss caressed her ear as she felt Him pull her hair back away from her face. The warm fabric blocked out all of the light and she could see nothing. She listened as His footsteps went around her and she knew that He stood infront of her. She imagined His facial expression, knowing how He loved to have His girl bound. She licked her lips slowly, the excitement was almost too much to withstand as she turned her head in the directions of the sounds that He made as He moved across the floor.


“Mast…”, she started to call for Him as she felt His hands on her once more. He placed a finger across her lips, silencing her and she could hear Him chuckle as her words were paused by His finger, He slowly ran the tip of His finger across her lips. Oh, how she craved Him… desired Him, wished He would take her. He pressed His finger up against her lips and then gently into her mouth. Almost instantly she drew His finger into her mouth, she sucked on it, licked it and felt the heat from His body as He came even closer. She eagerly suckled it deep into her mouth wanting to please Him and she knew she had, she knew He wanted to use her but He had much more self control than she did and He would not give in to these desires… not just yet.


He grabbed her neck, she felt the metal from her collar against her throat and the thrill traveled between her thighs and she tried to squeeze them together but the metal on her thighs would not allow it. She knew He was watching, she felt Him grin even though she could not see Him and she heard Him as He spoke in a very low tone, “my slut… “. Now she knew she was blushing as the blood ran straight to her cheeks and she lowered her head. She couldn’t help it. He knew what He was doing to her. She needed it. She wanted it. He loved it.


He slipped a finger between her neck and collar and drew her up to her knees, he stood before her and she could hear as He unzipped His pants, her mouth watered and her lips slowly parted without even thinking of it. “That’s it girl, that’s right…”, he started to whisper as she prepared for Him. She closed her eyes, underneath the blindfold as she felt a ball press against her mouth, her lips parted and she felt His hands come around her and the ball gag was secured in place…. To be Cont’d

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