The Delay

It has been years of patiently, and sometimes not so patiently, waiting. Wanting to be at His side and at His feet and the wait is finally over. Tickets booked and prepping myself and pups for this trip and we can both hardly wait. Yes! Finally, we were on our way! Sound great right? Well…
After booking the tickets and starting to get the pups and myself ready for travel, a few things came up. We (Master) kind of anticipated that there might be some delay but we were just ready to get things finalized and were so happy to be able to do so and we just hoped that nothing would come up but with life… kids, work and such, this was always a possibility (insert ami’s sigh here).
So, my trip, which was booked for September 17th will be pushed back an additional two weeks. Master and I have spoken, and we have agreed that it will not be more than two weeks. No more. We can’t wait. I can’t wait. I miss Him terribly and need to be at His side.
It makes me sad to type this post and it is even harder to share it but W/we agreed to share this journey and the journey is not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes in our awesome journey we stumble, we must pause for a moment and figure out what is the best path and so we are here.
And so, hello again. I am on my way in October and we won’t have any further delays. Say it with me, “we… won’t …have… any… further… delays!” We need each other. I hear it in His voice every time I tell Him that I love Him, every time that He says that I need to be there with there with Him… I need Him and I know that He needs His slave.
The date of my flight will be posted as soon as we reschedule it, which will likely be this coming week or so. Stay tuned for more updates on O/our journey.
As always, please feel free to leave comments, questions, advice. Master and I welcome your feedback and will do our very best to respond.

Safe paths,

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