The Training of ami

I have been working on My training program for ami when she gets here in late October.  Some parts of it are easy, especially the protocol pieces.  For example, the way she speaks to Myself and others.  We have been working on that over the past 9 years and there will be minimal if any changes there.  My problem isn’t how to train the tasks as much as it is the initial structuring of the training.  I want to be comprehensive in the overall program, making sure I have as many of the tasks incorporated as possible.  Like everything, this will be an ever-evolving process, but I want the initial document as complete and accurate as possible.

There are many facets to her training program, and I am going list a few without going into specifics, at least not yet.

  • How to greet Me when I get home
  • How to address Me in different social settings (around family, in public, etc.)
  • Kneeling, types of poses and how long for comfort and safety’s sake
  • Orgasm control- we’ve been working on this for a number of years, but long distance is much different than being together physically
  • Various other sexual tasks and styles- this is probably the least of My worries if you’ve been following My girl’s blog and Twitter posts.
  • How to serve Me in various ways- food, coffee, in private, in public, etc.
  • Pushing limits (this is where it gets fun and will constantly change).  This isn’t as much training as it is an ongoing process.

You get the idea.  I am approaching it not unlike training someone for a new job.  Narrow the focus, explain and show how to do the task, repetition of the task, corrective action if necessary.  Maybe even a little positive feedback….. we’ll see.

This is just a small part of My process that I wanted to share.  I will post updates as her training progresses, both the successes and, uh, less successful parts.  It will be interesting, exciting, and even a little fun.  Stay tuned for part 2.


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