Their are times when I want to be held tight in His arms. A warm kiss on the top of my head as we caress each other, feeling His warm breath on my skin as we seem to melt into one but this morning… this morning is not one of those times.

I woke this morning thinking of His strong hands, His hard cock, those lips and it made me wet. I felt the warmth between my thighs and I ached for His touch.

Woken by Him pulling me off of the bed and pushing me down onto my knees. Looking up to see Him standing over me with His throbbing cock demanding my attentions and before I could serve Him, He pulls my hair back and takes what is His.

Without hesitation pushing His cock into my mouth before I can even lick my lips. This ache, this desire, this need to be used.

It’s not about me. It’s not about my pleasure, it is all about Him. He fucks my mouth hard and I love it. I am His property, His slave, and whether I dutifully service His cock or He uses me to get off, I love and need it and He gives it to me while taking what He wants, when He wants it.

Some might say this is rather one sided, being used by my Master until He cums but the thing is… that “need” to be “used” makes me cum so fucking hard. The tension I feel from His body when He is about to cum, that sweet release when He pumps His cum into my mouth or onto my skin… it takes me over the edge and I cum in waves.

Call me greedy, call me needy but I crave to be used.

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